Myself and the blog

Hello and welcome to Psycharma!

Though I am as yet unsure if giving my name says anything about me, I have to agree that it is a mandatory step for a relatively accurate introduction one endeavors to make of themselves. And so here comes my reluctant introduction: my name is Diana. Does that name characterize me? Does any name characterize anybody? Is it not a matter which depends on the previous associations one has with the respective appellation? I personally associate this name with the Roman goddess and with the Princess of Wales, both illustrious and fascinating. But maybe somebody else would see in this name the irritating recollection of some person with which they simply could not get along. Hence, if the opinion this abstract person would have of me would not mach the one they associate with the character traits they slowly learned to associate with the name through experiences with others bearing it they would simply assert: “This name does not suit you.”. And are they not right? In their collection of associations experience has graced them with the association between my character traits and my name is genuinely absurd.


But, on the other hand, could a person define themselves by a mere enunciation of facts about them? Perhaps not, but that is not the point. I guess that the point of such a page should be for readers to see, in a matter of seconds, if they have anything in common with the author and if they could find anything to spark their curiosity amongst the contents of that blog. Hence, even though I deem the perusal of my articles as the best way to know who I am, I should at least attempt to delimit, in as scant a way as possible, a few facts that might help decide whether you should linger around my blog or simply depart in a quest for something that suits you better.

I live through passion. Had I not my unremitting, unappeasable and at times utterly reckless passion for whatever is predominant in my life at the time, I would most likely consider myself dead- that is to say in a state of mere existence, far from actually living. The prospect of a cyclic life, the sort aimed at money-making and self-preservation, is something I earnestly dread. Why a life solely for the sake of it?

So, what exactly am I so madly passionate about? Primarily, philosophy, literature and music. My aim is to study philosophy at the University, and then immerse myself in writing for the remainder of my days.

Apart from these three great passions you can expect to find on my blog entries tackling history, art, psychology…or merely a few haphazard ideas of mine relating some of these.

Weirdly enough, the portrayal of myself through words about who I am seems to fade away in comparison with another extraordinarily accurate mirror of myself: my writing. No matter how much I try to draw myself, it is only when I draw something else that you comprehend who I actually am. Therefore, the completion of this brief introduction is to be found among the lines of this blog…

Why Psycharma?

Pshycharma is a combination between the Greek word ‘psyche’ which means soul and ‘arma’ which is one of the various Greek words for food (and in certain contexts it can mean love). Thus I endeavor to indicate the purpose of this blog, signifying soul nourishment. By soul nourishment/ food I refer to whatever enriches our knowledge and understanding of the world, for people tend to trim their appearance all day long not being concerned in the least with their inner self. I intend to fulfill this goal by writing about what feeds my knowledge lust (and by knowledge I do not necessarily mean information) or just share my musings.

Thus I conclude my brief portrayal of myself and the blog, and I look forward to receiving your feedback. Now let us pursue whatever pleases our souls!



42 responses to “Myself and the blog

  1. you have tapped into a few things that I like and I will check in to see what you share once in a while.

  2. I will have to subscribe to this blog. I love randomness and history and art. Looking forward to following your posts. Happy Monday OR Tuesday, wherever you are.

  3. Hi Christina. Thanks for following and the many ‘likes’. You must be the one populating my stats from Romania. How’s the weather over there? Do you have facebook?

  4. Hi, nice to discover your blog and to meet you. Thanks for the visit to my blog, you surely caught my attention. Wishing you the best of luck in things you do. Btw, quite an interesting list of books on goodreads 🙂

    • Thank you, I wish you the same! It always feels good to receive feedback and to see that what you write actually gets to some people!
      Have a nice day!

  5. Wow, this is the best About page I’ve read so far! You certainly know how to state an issue, and make it thought-provoking. I never even considered how my name might be perceived by others…Keep up the extraordinary work!

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  7. Thank you for liking my last 13 poems in a row!! I am very flattered! Your about page is awesome. Start writing now and let university go unless you’re more passionate about philosophy, etc.

    • Well to me they kind of merge beautifully in one, so I’m using one to better the other. But thank you for your kind advice and hope to read more of your poetry, it’s truly lovely :).

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