You create the paintings you see- Image #1

Oh, had Magritte only seen this…

As I mentioned here, the “You create the paintings you see-Magritte edition” is a project set to explore how what matters in one work of art is how it relates to YOU, the viewer. Pass it through your consciousness, make it meaningful, then grow from it.

If you only found out about the project now, you could stop and think about what the painting you see lower represents, and then proceed to discover what others made of it. Are they greatly different? Are they almost the same? Tell us in the comments!

I would like to thank all of you who took the time to be a part of this little experiment. Without further ado, let us see how people interpreted picture #1.


“Attempting the impossible”


The first time I stumbled upon this work it instantly brought to mind the story of Pygmalion and Galateea as a beautiful metaphor to illustrate an artist’s obsession with creating that which he longs for yet reality never produced, whatever or whoever ‘that’ may be – an idea, a thing or being, its nature remains essentially unimportant compared to its function in the artist’s life. Incentive and inspiring, I know from experience such a desire unfulfilled by what the world offers demands that the object of its satisfaction be brought into existence, thus fuelling the artist to pursue  this goal though the journey which we call ‘art’ and Magritte appears to consider ‘attempting the impossible’.

*By Patricia Beykrat, more of her writing here.


It is about artists and their role. Using their brushes and imagination, they are able to construct a world of their own and a different reality. The woman being painted can have various interpretations, such as art itself, the world or an actual person.

*By Anda Radu, more of her writings here.


Our interpretation of this painting (without having read the title) is that the painter, like any other human, delineates for himself an image of the ideal partner. Reading the title made us think that creating the opposite gender is just like attempting the impossible. Obviously, the qualities we wish our life-partner to have may not be the case in reality, making it more difficult for us to engage in a relationship with them since they are not exactly as we expected them to be (which makes the struggle all the more worth it).

*By 100%Mag and Rick from Belgium

If you’d like to be part of the project, there is still time to send interpretations for the other paintings, which you can find here.


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