I belong nowhere but in my mind (Personal poem)

Your life, far and moderate.

All human emotions galore through your mind,

                   pumping loudly through your veins,

                   consuming your days,

                   enlivening you.

But, your self-molded little world

                  is too remote to include the essence of my current one:


Intangibly, they encage me.

With freedom spelled on their

        national toilet paper,

they chisel a reality for us to believe in,

                              for us to slowly perish in,


Daily, inebriated with the strife to survive,

           revering for success

           -broken once we choose to see through

            the veil of ignorance.

For then we become the mad ones,

                 ripping through their cheap, shiny wrapping paper.

You, western joy of mine,

         cannot grasp the corruption flying through the air

                                   like dead hydrogen atoms.

This state I chose not

       -I’m supranational.

But you, there, expect me to abide my…my?…

             my Laws. Whose?

Who’d want an unruly expat,

            when they do not breathe

            the same contaminated atoms everyday?

So you take me for the reckless one,

           the mad.

Broken from the house I was given

                        and that which I relentlessly seek.

A stranger.

I belong nowhere but in my mind

             -my equally poisoned mind.

Poisoned: by my own refusal

                  to fill my lungs and mind with the same air:

                  that rotten, communist air.

I choose to choke, and to die

                     to come to life for real right next to you,

                     my western joy.

Only when I’ll free myself…

                I’ll have gone insane.


2 responses to “I belong nowhere but in my mind (Personal poem)

  1. Thank-you for perusing my work and liking it. I am now a follower of yours and had a quick glance at your blog and your work, insperational and thoughtful your words and writings make us think. thanks cheers Kev

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