“You create the paintings you see” project: Picture #5

And thus, the Magritte edition of this project came to an end. I’d like to thank those who participated for having taken the time to send me their interpretations. I guess that through the sparks of creativity of those who were a part of the project shines the clarity of Magritte’s ideal: art has to relate to your own life. Each of the interpretations we have received so far carries the personal experiences of those who wrote them, making out of each painting a living entity, burning with the passion of those who saw it.

So let us take a look at the last picture, entitled “The spirit of comedy”. How does your view of it differ from those lower? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

The spirit of comedy 1928


It might be about patterns in a primitive world. Every behavior and attitude is one of those shapes and together, they create a certain predictable pattern. The rocky bottom makes me think about cavemen. Therefore, some of the human patterns originate in those times.

*By Anda Radu, blog here


 The last picture of this project makes me think that this man is going somewhere, but we can’t really distinguish where-is he going nowhere? Also, all the arrows on his body makes us believe that even he has no idea as to where he is going.

*By Rick and Mag from Belgium


The human seems to be alone is a dessert, covered by a large costume, kind of like someone searching for his identity. The idea that he does not understand himself is underlined by the impossible movement he is attempting: he seems both to walk and be at rest at the same time. Indeed when you walk, your left arm in front of you implies the left leg stretching behind you, and likewise with the right arm and leg, whereas here both left leg and arm (or the right ones) are in front/behind at the same time. Thus he seems to be spinning on the same spot since he has no idea in which direction he wants his identity to develop itself.

* By M.V.D. from Belgium


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