Personal poem: Timeless, spaceless Empire

A light so powerful

                                     it could inspire life into any hapless object

Was breaking through a universe of darkness.

Peering from a distance,

My mind sought to understand, to control.


What wish-you to control,

Oh, irrational mind? You already know!


To yourself, to the world.


The shade of a man was merging with the light

Standing still.

Was he also in pursuit of control?

Or had he understood?


He raised his arms- slowly, steadily.

One second, two seconds, an infinite

-then, he exploded.

An explosion of something overcame him.

                                                   But of what?


He was dancing, yet I could not hear any music.

His figure was dispersing a peculiar energy around him,

                                            an energy so strong it could move mountains.

Could it be passion that had overcome him?

                                            Or in other words, life?



I did not dare approach,

How could I stop him from breathing?

I suddenly felt an urge to live,

        to dance with him.

But where was the music?


After an infinity had  passed, he stopped.

Was he looking in my direction?

“Dance!” he urged me.

“There’s no music”, came my answer.


“Because you try to hear it with your ears

Instead, listen with all your being,

It’s hidden in you heart-beat.”


He’s next to me, he takes my hand.

We spin, we spin, and he’s gone.

Where to?

Now I’ve become the black silhouette ,

                                                         the blue light hitting me.


I shut my eyes. Music,

oh-so-divine music springs from everywhere

and slowly envelops  me with a cloak of passion

shining from within me.



My heart-beat guides my legs,

the air I inhale is the master of my arms,

I’m at the doors

                               of the Timeless Empire.


No time, no space, just music.

Its rulers being only inner music, innate in all of us.

But how should I act,

                  since I only hear mine?


We all dance in this Empire,

that’s how we breathe.

We shake off our existence, and live!


So hear your music, create your steps

-no two of us dance alike.

                                     When will you truly start dancing?




4 responses to “Personal poem: Timeless, spaceless Empire

    • Thank you very much! To be perfectly honest, I wrote it in a half-asleep state just after waking up, when I was partly in contact with my unconscious. I love playing with my mind like that and seeing what I get afterwards. 🙂

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