How to dance with the concepts, à la Nietzsche

‘For one cannot subtract dancing in every form from a noble education-to be able to dance with one’s feet, with concepts, with words: need I still add that one must be able to dance with the pen too- that one must learn to write?’

‘Only the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage to face what he really knows.’

‘I want, once and for all, not to know many things. Wisdom requires moderation in knowledge as in other things.’

‘One must renounce the bad taste of wishing to agree with many people. “Good” is no longer good when one’s neighbor takes it into his mouth.’


‘The price of fruitfulness is to be rich in internal opposition; one remains young only as long as the soul does not stretch itself and desire peace. Nothing has become more alien to us than the desideratum of former times, ‘peace of soul’, the christian desideratum; there is nothing we envy less than the moralistic cow and the fat happiness of the good conscience. One has renounced the great life when one renounces war.

‘One should not go into churches if one wishes to breathe pure air.’

‘Many a peacock hides his tail from every eye-and calls it his pride.’


‘There is no such thing as moral phenomena, but moral interpretation of phenomena.’

‘Well-being, as you understand it-is certainly not a goal; it seems to us an end; a condition which at once renders man ludicrous and contemptible-and makes his destruction desirable! The discipline of suffering, of great suffering-know ye not that it is only this discipline that has produced all the elevation of humanity hitherto? The tension of soul in misfortune which communicates to it its energy, its shuddering in view of rack and ruin, its inventiveness and bravery in undergoing, enduring, interpreting and exploiting misfortune, and whatever depth, mystery, disguise, spirit, artifice, or greatness has been bestowed upon the soul-has it not been bestowed through suffering, through the discipline of great suffering?’


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  1. Wow… this text is so amazing! I am really impressed! Keep up with the awesome work! Oh, and thanks for so many likes on my blog! 🙂

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