Mozart meets Beethoven

Like any other ambitious youth, inebriated with nothing but praise for his unequaled predecessors, Beethoven too highly worshiped Mozart. Ever since his musical talents were acknowledged, he and his family envisaged him as the next prodigy, stepping into Mozart’s shoes. That partly justifies why Beethoven was mercilessly compelled by his father to practice day and night, and why he started to perform at such a premature age. However, the real motive for his ‘working’ while still unfledged was none other than the alarming lack of money their family was facing at the time.


After being quite successful in the intimate Bonn, 16 years old Ludwig resolved to widen his knowledge in Vienna, for he had nothing more to learn there. Having been introduced to his utmost source of inspiration, nobody else but Mozart, he striven to impress him by playing a composition. But, alas, the eminent composer was rather ennuied, regarding the performance as a mere interpretation of a studied show-piece. Nevertheless the quick-witted Beethoven instantly noticed and begged for a theme for improvisation, subsequently playing in such a manner as to gradually engross the master’s attention.

Enchanted by the astonishing improvisation the famed musician discreetly turned to the other spectators and whispered:  “Mark that young man; he will make himself a name in the world!”. Had he the possibility to stay any longer, perhaps Ludwig would have been taught many things by his role model. But unfortunately he had to return to his hometown due to his mother’s terrible condition and when he finally returned to Vienna, 5 years later, it was too late: Mozart was already dead.


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