Just a word like any other…or not

Occasionally, when the despicable enemy called boredom strikes (fortunately it does not occur too often for I always find my way around something engaging enough), I find myself inquiring for common words etymology. Instead of uncommon words, which are pompous enough and can be logically divided so as to comprehend their meaning, I search for ordinary words especially because their meaning is not so obvious. Therefore, you can be thoroughly astonished by certain one syllable words that do not raise any interest at a first glance.

This time my attention was drawn by a word describing a sport 6 centuries old, that has frankly never interested me for a second. This misleadingly average word is no other than golf. Seemingly a plain term coined through a random letter association, golf is actually a well designed abbreviation standing for the very way in which the game was ruled: ”Gentlemen Only…Ladies Forbidden”.

Thus I delightedly forgot about my apparent state of boredom, realizing how every single word we use has its own story, and it always is fascinating to discover a little more about words we use each day.

And the sandwich…?



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