Titus and productivity on lazy days

As days are getting gloomier and gloomier, and sun rays seem to have forgotten to pay us their warming daily visits, the human spirit appears to accordingly lose its liveliness and determination. All some of us yearn to do these days is to rest under a warm, fuzzy blanket and hold a hot teacup into our freezing fingers. And how could you want to do something else when you look out the window and you can merely distinguish the grey sky through the drops that entirely blur your view?


This hapless situation makes me remember what I once read about the Roman Emperor Titus, the one ambitious enough so as to wish to become a universal philanthropist. Apparently, whenever at the end of the day he would sit and realize that he hadn’t done anything productive the respective day, he would dissatisfiedly assert: “Amici, diem perditi!”. This literally means “Friends, we’ve lost a day!”. Now this saying of his reminds me on my morose days that life is too ephemeral to lose a single day doing nothing.

So I genuinely endeavor to erase out of my memory the displeasing image outside the window and just focus on whatever my duties are. Thus my productivity level won’t be jeopardized by the melancholy weather. Hence we can easily apprehend how our minds determine our moods after all, and so all we have to do is remember that it is ourselves who control our productivity as well as our disposition and we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, providing we try hard enough.

**The Titus quote is from Suetonius’ work, “Twelve Caesars” **


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