Can commercials be considered art?

More or less, all commercials have a persuasive effect on us and I can vouch to having been attracted by some appealing and mesmerizing advertisements so as to actually buy a few products. However, only when I stumbled upon this ingenious Dali ad I realized that even commercials could be regarded as works of art. Simply by splashing a bit of his flair he managed to turn something so placid as pills into a creative and jaw-dropping event.
Once more, I kneel in front of his unlimited (and many times immodestly asserted) genius. Usually when commercials commence I promptly switch the channel, yet if this ad were to be on the television I wouldn’t dare turn my back to something so amusingly beautiful.
Another sample of not so special yet divertingly brilliant commercial would be his Lanvin chocolate one.

Hence we acknowledge anew how he mastered everything he wanted, and how resolutely he brought surrealism into our lives. He started with his awe-inspiring paintings, and slowly reached the top with movies, clothes,  jewelry, furniture, commercials, events and so on.

As follows, we shall end with an ever eccentric piece of Dali, a photo of one of his most successful inventions: a phone with his favorite crustacean. Thus he successfully converted the ordinary phone into a playful object that can cheer you up whenever you have to answer somebody utterly despicable.



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