How to escape procrastination

Laziness, or its equally dreadful version, procrastination, appears to have become one of today’s most spread and most perpetuated ‘diseases’. Nevertheless, it’s merely a state of mind in which you convince yourself that putting something off does absolutely no harm, and you can do whatever it is later as well as now. Here, depending on the case, you might be right. However, the dilemma arises from the fact that you hastily get used to it.


Before you know it, your wits are in a state of ceaseless tiredness and slowly but assuredly your ambition fades away. Not only your productivity will reach its ebb, but your moral might sink as well. Therefore I straightforwardly suggest you do what requires to be done as soon as you can, rather than within seconds of the deadline. Beyond just having one less thing to do, you’ll find it quite rewarding and pleasing to be ‘free’.

Your mind constantly feels the pressure of the obligations and responsibilities you have to fulfill, whether you acknowledge it or not. Therefore, the sooner they are erased out of your conscience the better and lighter your mind will feel. Note how your life could slowly yet promptly become merrier solely by doing things when you ought to.

Evidently experiencing this kind of major change can appear to be next to impossible. Accordingly, I devised a few tips that might aid you.


1. Make lists

“I’ve got laziness issues, not memory ones!” you might think. Purposeless and tiring as they might seem, lists are tremendously useful. I know my ‘To-do’ notebook never let me down, and not only it helped me organize my priorities but I get really delighted as I tick them off. So you can both enhance your organizing skills and make your priorities much clearer plainly by writing a few lists.

2. Eat healthier 

Yes, there actually is a connection, bear with me for a second. Your alimentation is definitely connected to your productivity. After eating something light and full of nutrients such as vitamins you feel energetic and readier to face your duties, whereas after eating a big, fatty burger with an enormous plate of french fries you feel rather full and tired, therefore unproductive.

Now of course some of you might feel the opposite. Here it depends on your organism and the way you respond to food. Anyhow you should balance your diet as much as possible for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Believe in yourself

If you won’t believe in yourself then who would? Set up your mind on what you want to do in life and then trust you are more than fit for it. People who know what they want from life are more likely to do their utmost to accomplish it. This leads to number 4:

4. Know what you want from life

If you don’t know what’s the end of it all, why should you bother with silly duties? Figure out what you want to accomplish, and then everything will slowly come to you. Dream big, don’t be afraid of challenges. ”If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” once said Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

5. Reward yourself 

It is also essential for your achievements to be rewarded. Some people respond better to difficult tasks when they know something positive is awaiting for them. So after hours of difficult toil you can indulge yourself with whatever you relish in, and you’ll definitely enjoy it better considering you worked a great deal to get it.


Now  incontestably each person responds differently to changes, so not all of these tips apply to you. But what definitely applies to everybody is the fact that you have to try. You know what motivates you best, so you and only you can make yourself get over the laziness if you really want to.



Time is certainly the most important thing we have-why waste it?



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