The World’s top 10 Most Expensive Paintings

What kind of a person would buy a 80.000.000 $ or more painting? What could be his  motifs for spending such exorbitant sums on pieces of art? If you had the required sum, would you ever purchase one worth so much? These are all questions this fascinating BBC documentary forwards to us.

However ruthless and extravagant it may seem to you for somebody to make such outrageous purchases, there is more to take under consideration than the painting’s appearance. Apparently, a huge value difference is made by its former owner, its history and its author. Surprisingly, sometimes these facts are even more significant that the work of art itself.

I for one would not pay such a great sum for a painting just because it was formerly owned by the Rockefeller family, or because it was created by a highly appreciated artist. I would buy a painting if it spoke to me, if it evoked some feelings within me or simply if I can gaze at it  several times without feeling wearied or ennuied.

And as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t pay such great sums on objects just to satisfy my greed and exhibit my pecuniary resources at any rate. I could just as well buy a copy for an acceptable price, and employ the rest of the money for something else. For instance, instead of owning an excessively expensive painting, I could own a low-priced identical one, and give the rest to people who really do need it, considering that at least a half of that outrageous sum would suffice to feed a whole city. Some people are gratified to have a jug of water and a slice of bread, I definitely can manage with a 10 bucks painting that looks just like the original one. But that is just my opinion.

What I particularly value about this documentary is that it predominantly analyses the mentality of the people who have made these purchases, rather than focusing solely on the works of art. In addition to that, I loved how the presenter clarified from the very beginning that the price of a painting does not necessarily make it a good one.

If you do not have the time to watch the whole documentary, yet you are curious about the most expensive paintings ever sold at auction, here you have the top 10 (however upon further inquiries I’ve found out that others might have surpassed some on my list, therefore this one might be a bit out of date):

10.Rothko- White center


9. Peter Paul Rubens- The Massacre of the Innocents


8. Vincent Van Gogh- Portrait of doctor Gachet


7. Claude Monet-Water Lily Pond


6.Pierre August Renoir- Au moulin de la galette


5.Francis Bacon- Triptych


4.Gustav Klimt- Adele Bloch Bauer 2


3. Pablo Picasso- Le  reve (The Dream)


2. Pablo Picasso- Boy with a pipe


1. Pablo Picasso- Nude, Green Leaves & Bust


Again, this top might be out of date. Nonetheless, it still is quite interesting to discover the stories behind these paintings worth extravagant sums. This documentary thoroughly captivated me and I heartily recommend it to everybody.


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