The Great Gatsby movie review

Having read the book, I’ve decided to check out the movie, to see if it’s any good. I have to admit, I was quite cynical for in my opinion a book can never surpass (maybe at the very best equal) a movie. But not little was my amazement when I saw how great this movie is. I grew more and more in love with it  every second that passed.

The settings, the actors and the soundtrack have been countless debated, therefore I shan’t insist upon them. I myself like to insist upon the message, and on the manner in which the producers highlighted the most significant events of the book.

One of the reasons for my attitude regarding the let’s say ‘supremacy’ of the book in comparison with the movie is because of the words. Entire paragraphs describing feelings or even  settings are almost always lost in favor of the basic action. Surely they are fallowed when setting the background and for the actors to express. However a movie can never express the depth of all the book has to offer. But by using the technique in which one of the characters actually writes the story during the movie, in this case Nick Carraway, we can get in touch with the actual words meticulously reproduced  so as to emphasize on the key descriptions of the book. This way we don’t lose some relevant passages that give the book its substance. So from this point of view, the movie was finely executed.

Moving on to the story itself, we can surely delight ourselves with a really deep and touching romance. We understand once more how being surrounded by thousands of people doesn’t mean you are not alone, how true love is both consuming and magnificent and how money and fame don’t bring you beatitude.

Nobody really new Gatsby, yet they all took advantage of his hectic parties. The society only enjoyed his fame and money but when asked who Mr. Gatsby was some even questioned his mere existence. Furthermore, some even judged him and accused him of depravity not knowing that each and every one of his actions were done only out of love. Everything he did, from the very action of buying that house (more like a palace actually) to the impossibly expensive and massive parties he held were only done hoping to draw Daisy’s attention.

The movie shows perfectly how even drowned in luxury and money Gatsby was not happy, how love was the only thing that could rejoice him. It was the same with Daisy, who at the beginning tells Nick how unhappy she is and how empty she feels. So even if at first we tend to ardently lust for the opulence we witness we later understand how empty a soul can feel even surrounded by unlimited magnificence. Hence we comprehend how money doesn’t necessarily bring us happiness. We might feel like this message follows us everywhere, yet I am sure we don’t quite believe its truthfulness.

There are even more things to say, but I think those are the most obvious and significant messages the movie and book have to offer. I would like to underline the fact that I am by no means an expert, and I’m solely stating my opinion, to which by the way you are gladly welcomed to add your own. If you did not see the movie I whole-heartedly suggest you to try and see it. I know that finding time to read a whole book is really difficult for some of you, but maybe you could spare around two hours for the movie, which I guarantee you’ll adore. Thank you for reading!



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