”Let them eat cake”-Marie Antoinette’s words or a skillful deceit?

One of the most widespread myths  concerning  ”Madame Deficit” or Marie Antoinette is that when she learned about the serious lack of bread among her people she maliciously replied with “Let them eat cake”. However this was solely said to spread her self-centered, ignorant woman image and to infuriate the population that had already had a perhaps unsound impression about the lavish Queen.


In “Confessions” Jean-Jacques Rousseau points out that these exact same words were said by a ‘great princess’ upon discovering the growing difficulty in acquiring the daily bread among the french. This around the year of 1767, so 3 years before Marie Antoinette was even in France. Thus we comprehend how the words were erroneously attributed to the Queen, partly leading to an even greater hatred towards the royal family, which ended up with the bloody French Revolution. Even in the well-known Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette  movie she uses the line, but again, it was not actually hers.


* LA POULLE D’AUTRI(/U)CHE  – Pun about the fact that in french autrichien means  Austrian, while autruche means ostrich.


3 responses to “”Let them eat cake”-Marie Antoinette’s words or a skillful deceit?

  1. I sometimes wonder if any of the people history deems atrocious are so in fact. Marie Antoinette I would say is the perfect example!

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